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Single Promises

The season of singleness has been floating through my mind lately. I think often we are able to reflect more on seasons as they are in our rearview mirror. We…

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Episode 6: Awards Season

“Wings?” you ask…. Well, Why not?  Maybe the actress should start her own clothing line…. The final episode of “How to Get Featured on Deadline”

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Episode 5 “Sundance”

See what happens when you create your own “App-diction” and Deadline is on your side?! Episode 5 follows the Actress to Sundance!  

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Episode 4: “Rehab”

‘Slightly Erratic’  characters are my most favorite to play….but the Actress takes that to a whole new level in this episode!

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Check out Episode 3!

This was one of my FAVORITE episodes to make…  We were actually losing light and had to drive pretty far from the previous location to shoot this one.  We were…

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Deadline.com FEATURES our series!

Feeling so honored that Deadline.com, actually Featured our series “How to Get Featured on Deadline”  oh the irony… Episode two “Premiere Season” is up!

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the “How?” Question

You know sometimes when you are reading the word , and something literally jumps off the page?   I mean just stops you dead in your tracks, and you know it’s…

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A Woven Story of Praise

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to be in Houston at the “LIT” conference hosted by Beth Moore. The whole weekend I felt like I was drinking from a fire…

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Angry? Who me?…

Glorious rain pours down outside my window as I say hello again. It’s been a minute and I apologize! Christmas, New Years, a wedding to plan, school to apply to…I…

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A Grateful Heart

As I blinked my eyes open early this morning and protested my alarm.  I did one of those “let me try and wake up, yet stay in bed” …aka I browsed through…

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  “Just give it to God”        “Cast your care”    “God’s grace is enough”    “Let go and Let God”                I don’t…

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Don’t Quit

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” –Philippians 4:13 When I was in middle school, I learned that I was fast. I could beat every boy in…

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All is Well

“Faith is the substance of the things we hope for, the evidence of the things unseen.” -Hebrews 11: 1 (KJV)   The substance? That got me thinking. Webster calls substance:…

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Real Housewives of Shakespeare

Real Housewives of Shakespeare is a Parks & Rec type comedy with a fresh take on your favorite Shakespeare characters. Lady Macbeth, Gertrude and Olivia (12th night come on people!)…

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Can I Get a Witness Protection

The world premiere of Can I Get a Witness Protection is happening September 10, 2016 at AMC Theatres Burbank, 2:30pm!!! Get your tickets here! Can I Get a Witness Protection…

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The Haunted Hathaways

Jacquelyn booked a guest star on Haunted Hathaways! Get ready to meet Tracy Watson, a gossipy big haired realtor with a LOT of opinions, on the season finale of Season…

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